Just a quickie…

I must apologize for the 24-hour hiatus but I had to finally cap off two weeks of ridiculous between Nissan and myself.

All that matters is at the beginning of this mess I was facing $3,500 in repairs. After non-stop “conversations” where I spoke and they ignored me, I some how got my points across – some say I talk a little louder than others – and drove my car away for $216 this morning.

Gee it’s nice to know nobody was trying to rip me off.

Anyway, I’m sitting in Medicine Hat with some buddies watching NFL playoffs and we are just getting into some Hockey Night in Canada. It’s such a great show when the Leafs aren’t playing.

But can we get rid of the Nickelback opener? Canada’s Bon Jovi isn’t fooling anyone when they play what they think is hard rock. Face it boys, tough guys and salon-perfect hair don’t mix.

Anyway, looks like two teams playing not to lose tonight because the first six minutes have produced squat. The Habs are a funny group; they celebrate victories like they couldn’t be more excited to be playing this game but they always start games like they have some place they’d rather be.

We’re also checking in on the fourth quarter of the New Orleans Saints/Winnipeg Blue, er, Arizona Cardinals game. The Cards’ Kurt Warner took a hit in the first half and didn’t land until the third quarter.

While he was airborne, Reggie Bush racked up more than 200 all-purpose yards and a couple of majors, one of which was the fourth-longest punt return in playoff history. It’s not over and the ‘Cards are only down five scores but I’m beginning to believe there will be a new NFC champ.

Going to watch the games now. I’ll check back later with some reaction to the evening.


2 Responses to “Just a quickie…”

  1. Agree with you 100% on the Nickelback opener. But alternatives are a gay 90’s dance mix song of the same name or Elton John. Though I’d go for the Kaiser Chiefs and maybe the Bay City Rollers.

    CBC should just suck it up and pay out for Stompin’ Tom.

  2. Great guy, great player, great career..Really a shame to see him go. 😦

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