And now the cuddle…

Earlier this evening I had mentioned what a great show Hockey Night in Canada was, at least as long as no Leaves were featured, but I feel an edit needs to be made.

Hockey Night in Canada is a stupid show.

Seriously though, what were the Habs up to out there tonight? Congratulations to the Senators for playing a great road game and winning 4-2. They knew Montreal was building confidence and starting to play some strong hockey so they were ready.

The Canadiens were not.

The game was never out of reach for the Habs and they could have tied it at any time before Mike Fisher added an empty netter but it constantly resembled a beer league matchup.  No one could make a solid pass and the game’s tempo was escargot slow.

I watched a footrace between Montreal’s Hal Gill and Ottawa’s Chris Neil that probably still hasn’t finished. The Hare could slip into a coma against these two and still find a way to win.

Though one thing is worth mentioning: Montreal’s Benoit Pouliot scored again and the Wild’s Guillaume Latendresse had his first career hat trick in a loss to Phoenix. There isn’t even something funny left to say anymore; this is just plain weird.

On to the NFL.

Payton Manning is disgustingly good at football. The Colts advanced to the AFC final with a convincing 20-3 win over the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens had made a game of it early but a profitable few minutes for Indy late in the opening half blew the game open. A stingy second half by the Colts’ defense and a half hour at the beach for their offense ensured a very easy victory.

I’m having a real hard time seeing anything other than a Colts/Saints Super Bowl right now, which would be a clash of the NFL’s two best teams, in my opinion, and could come down to an amazing finish.

That all being said, if I have to endure two more games of Manning standing behind a bent-over centre, pointing at every member of the defense and yelling gibberish for 44 seconds before an actual play takes place, I’m going to need therapy.

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk Purple People Eaters versus Team America and the other game no one cares about. Sorry Red.


8 Responses to “And now the cuddle…”

  1. The real HNIC story was Perchurski, not the Sens/Habs game.

    • Couldn’t be that big of a story or you would have known how to spell his name…

      • The spelling is irrelevant… (It’s actually Pechurskiy; everyone got it wrong, even the team’s equipment manager due to an issue with his jersey) because he’s back to the WHL as of today. At the time it was a great story.

        And regarding misspelled names, you shouldn’t bring that up.

  2. The backup goaltender for Tri City, who NEVER plays, gets the call because Vancouver is on the other side of the continent from Pitt’s farm team and there is an emergency need for a one-day goalie, then gets some playing time because the Pens’ third-stringer gets lit up and then makes a few saves because Van was already up 5-1 and only needed to coast and then goes right back to Tri City where his spot on the bench is not cooled one bit to finish his junior career before inevitably heading to some elite league in Europe is HUMONGOUS. My bad.

    • Providing “a different look,” I saw a kid playing his first NHL game with the Stanley Cup Champions; something he likely wouldn’t have ever done if the odd series of events that led him there. Media was scrambling (out loud during broadcast even) to try and figure out the true spelling of his name, while he held his own during some key moments in borrowed equipment. Facing shots against the league’s top goal-scorer is a pretty amazing opportunity for a random backup goalie from Tri City. Way more interesting than 2 Canadian teams battle it out for eighth place in my opinion.

  3. And I just got your name spelling comment. Haha, a Twitter typo that will follow me for life it seems. I’m telling you Martin Emme lives, i know it.

  4. I had to delete a twitter, because when you search my real name, the “Eklund you lying bitch” was one of the first things that comes up.

  5. While I fully respect your opinion here, that was not even close to as important as two Canadian rivals embedded in one of the tightest playoff races ever seen. Races so close that games in January are massively important.
    This kid’s own organization couldn’t spell his name. No one knew who he was nor will they remember him next week. This is one step above Billy Chrystal taking an at bat for the Yankees. It just doesn’t matter at all. Don’t you think everyone’s (including your own) inability to spell or pronounce his name is just a little symbolic of the reality of this scene?
    You’ll never see this kid again, trust me. So it’s really big news to him and his family and friends I’m sure but to everyone else it’s the flavour of the day.
    And I don’t have time to write about things no one cares about for more than 24 hours, unless I feel inspired to do so at that exact moment. The Habs/Sens/every other bubble team is ongoing and will be news for the rest of the season.
    This kid was old news by midnight on Saturday. We’re the only two people in North America still talking about this. That should cover it right there. Lol.

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