Challenge more than met.

The following is the results from what we hope to be the first of many blog ‘challenges’ where we all focus on one specific Habs topic to show our varying thoughts, as well as our undeniable genius as budding GM/coaches… 😉

A massive thanks goes out to everyone who participated, the response was more than I could have hoped! A special thanks to Kamal Panesar (@KamalPanesar), who blogs Habs for Habs Addict and Hockey Buzz for his added promotion of this challenge and to Steve Farnham (@stevofarnham) for indirectly inspiring me to pose the challenge in the first place.

We had tons of participation and tons of great ideas! We even had some go outside the box and bring in outside talent – my fault for not specifying otherwise – which only added to the great selection of ideas from fellow bloggers. So without wasting anymore of your time, here they are (mine is the first post after this one titled Zero need to rush). Enjoy all!

Who’s your starting 12?

Hey my name is Will (@heymynameiswill)

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge (@emann_222)

Habs Addict (@KamalPanesar)

Willey (guest on Habs Addict)

RobertPTome (@robertptome)

Habs Rants (@Cathie_AK27)

Hab it Her Way (@HabItHerWay

Czechtacular (@czechtacular)

Tyg (Guest on Habs Addict) (@Tygerlylly) Follow her personal blog here: Tyger by the Tail

Oh Habby Days (@guccipucciprada)

Cowhide and Rubber (@kyleroussel)

Habs Laughs (@HabsLaughs)

Lyse (From All Habs) (@touteparpillee)

George Prax (From The Checking Line) (@GeorgePrax)

ED of the Atrux Collective (@TheAbraxasCo)

*Newly Added – Don’t Miss*

All Habs Picks from their writing staff, including Steve Farnham, Lyse, Erica, Rick Stephens

Cokeaddict (@cokeaddict)

Habs and Hockey (@SeriousFan09)

Check back later as well for late straggler entries, of which I know at least two. Great work all!

If you’re not up here already, feel free to leave a comment below with your own starting 12! Go Habs Go!


2 Responses to “Challenge more than met.”

  1. Great job with this initiative! I’m really happy with the buzz you were able to create with this wonderful idea. I’m on vacation for the next 11 days so i’ll have plenty of time to catch up on everyone’s pieces.

    Oh and thanks for calling me a straggler, i know i’m included in the two you say above >:) (no insult taken rest assured)

    • Hahaha, no insult intended either… Soooooooooo where’s your All Habs-collective blog we’re all awaiting! I see what you’re doing… taking an extra game to make your picks the rest of us couldn’t get… I see how you get things done… 😉

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