A challenge to Habs bloggers…

OK here’s what I want you to do. This afternoon, into the evening, I was involved in quite a discussion about the situation with forwards on the Montreal Canadiéns heading into the upcoming season and figure it’s something we should all have our say on.

There is no denying with how the preseason has played out that at least a couple of players who are either signed to one-way deals or played well enough to deserve a spot, are going to Hamilton or worse.

What I’d like to do is all write our own pieces on who WE would take as our starting 12 forwards for opening night. This is what YOU would do, not what you think will happen.

Your piece should include line combinations for those 12, as well as two names who will be in the press box. You will no doubt be cutting a few players from your roster, which will need explanation so make sure you also say why your bubble players are either in or out.

Deadline will be 4 p.m. ET on Thursday. Post to your own websites obviously but if you send me your link on Twitter, I will post it on this blog as well. That goes for those in my blogroll too, as I’ll post them in the content section as well.

Anyway, it’s been a great debate today already and I know you all have an opinion, so we want to hear it.

Tweet me if you have any other questions @shmitzysays. We’ll be discussing them Thursday night and beyond.

Do it. 😉


4 Responses to “A challenge to Habs bloggers…”

  1. Here’s my lineup

    Cammy, Gomez, Gionta
    Eller, Pleks, AK
    Moen, White, Laps
    Pyatt, Halpern, Boyd

    Sitting in the pressbox would be Benny Pouliot and Darche.
    Darche has a limited role with the club, and Benny hasn’t impressed me-in last years playoffs or in training camp/exhibition. White has played with more determination
    Send Patches down for one more year of seasoning…let him battle for the lead in scoring for the Bulldogs

  2. Here are my starting lines (kindly listen up coach!):

    Cammalleri, Plekanec, Eller
    Palushaj, Gomez, Gionta
    Moen, White Lapierre
    Pyatt, Halpern, Boyd

    Press Box: Poulliot, Pacioretty.


    Pyatt, White and Palushaj will need to earn their spots by continuing their pre-season excellence. That means Lapierre may need to center sometimes and Poulliot will be given plenty of chances. I love seeing Lapierre and Moen on the ice togther…it is “grit magic”. That 3rd line is a real sleeper for some surprising goals. Play Palushaj. Some great players can start in the NHL at 21.

    To Trade: Kostitsyn, Maxwell, Desharnais to teams that think they have the time/ability to foster their potential. I still have hope for Darche on this team.


  3. hi.
    i can’t @ you on twitter because you won’t see it :))) i’m all ~protected and whatnot. but here is my list: http://hab-it-her-way.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-twelve.html -shifty eyes-

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