I still say it. But with more of a whisper.

I feel compelled to write.

It’s likely I should be choosing the growing pile of paid assignments I have to do today but I don’t feel very local-country-western-star-headlines-Oktoberfest or junior-varsity-football-team-looks-to-be-competitive-this-season at this moment so I’m going to post.

I’m told summer is over – even though it’s warmer outside right now than I remember any day this whole year – and I’m noticing other bloggers throwing up posts nearly everyday, so I figure I better join the brigade or be forgotten forever.

That, and someone said I was illiterate. Of course, he also said I was a punk, who needed to learn some manners and admit when I’m wrong, but if I wrote every time I was offered that advice, I’d have no time to be a punk with no manners who always has to be right.

Anyway, it’s been an interesting couple of months for the sporting world since I last wrote a regular blog and there is so much I could potentially talk about.

Off the bat I probably owe some sort of explanation for my last blog, which all but guaranteed something like 16-2 for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and an automatic birth in the Grey Cup. I’m not completely backing off my early predictions (I still think they are better than Calgary, DK) but I definitely need to acknowledge the aspects of the game I clearly never took into account.

First of all, it’s no stretch to admit the Riders have the worst special teams one could possibly assemble. The return game is worse than embarrassing and the coverage team is so terrible, the coaching staff will apparently attempt a freakin’ punt to win a game before risking what might happen if Luca Congi misses from 35 yards out.

Which brings me to the team’s biggest problem. Even before the latest gaff, my pop and I had this coaching staff pegged as a serious hindrance. With nothing really against Ken Miller, who has done nothing but win and can unify a room like I’ve never seen, his support crew doesn’t look so up to the challenge and – worst of all –they seem to be able to sway the boss toward the wrong side of the sanity line.

Special teams coordinator Jim Daley was obviously in Miller’s ear about trying the game-winning punt after the head coach had originally sent out the field goal unit.

Miller, as respectable and team oriented as he is, took responsibility for what was his call took to make. But if you ask me, when the camera showed his first reaction to the shanked punt, his facial expression was teeming with why-the-crap-did-I-just-let-that-go-down and holy-smokes-are-folks-gonna-be-pissed.

He says he’d make that call again in a heartbeat. I bet he’s lying.

But I’m not falling off the bandwagon, I still say they can catch Calgary and finish first. They have the Stamps once more at home and Calgary still has two dates with Montreal, while the Riders’ most difficult matchups are supposedly behind them.

This all goes straight to hell, of course, if they don’t learn to win on the road pretty quick, opportunities of which are upcoming in back-to-back away games in Hamilton and Toronto. If the team can’t figure out how to flex its talent against a couple of .500-ish teams, who sport mediocre-to-awful offences, then all bets are off.

But talent-wise, the Riders are just too potent a team to keep losing games they ought to win. As silly as it sounds since they’re already at four losses, I think they still have a shot to win 13 games.

I also think the Montreal Canadiéns are an obvious playoff team so I wouldn’t read much into what I have to say…

A post on that to come…


One Response to “I still say it. But with more of a whisper.”

  1. Kellie Smith Says:

    I agree with you on all fronts. But I am disappointed. What happened to you posting about our lovely trip to the beautiful US of A? I was looking forward to what you might have to say about that.

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