Couldn’t the idiots just keep quiet for a whole day?

I should be ashamed of myself.

I can’t believe I honestly thought I would get an entire day of peace and reflection for an exhilarating 19-game playoff run before being bombarded by nonstop overreaction from many of my fellow Habs fans.

Before I go off on a rant, allow me to be clear about something. Habs fans, in general, know no equal when it comes to knowledge of the game and its history. This is not a slight to a few select organizations, whose fan bases have built great traditions of intelligence and passion. It’s simply a defaulted fact that can’t be disproven and therefore cannot be argued.

It would be like saying New York doesn’t have the biggest baseball fans. Like it or not, this is undisputable fact.

However, in order to hold – and defend – such a crown, that fan base must be overwhelmingly enormous. And with unimaginable size also comes inevitable imbalances, ones large enough to alter outside perception of the entire group.

Meaning, a whole bunch of unavoidable idiots are along for the ride and they make the rest of us look horrible in the process.

Do you know how many non-Habs fans have used the sentence, “I hate Habs fans” in everyday conversation? Loads. And this is entirely due to the mass of morons I have just described.

Well I’m here today to tell you, as a Habs fan, I hate them too.

I don’t get these people. It wasn’t even noon Alberta time and I was already reading countless of the most asinine opinions fathomable from the same people who were guaranteed singing Annakin Slade in the shower for the last six weeks.

First of all, I’ll say it again: I think we owed it to the team to shut up for a day and bask in what we just saw but in no way am I directing this anger toward ALL the fans who dove right into the issues of the summer today.

This isn’t about those who want to have a reasonable discussion about Jaroslav Halak’s pending future. But this is about those, who hear him say he wants to take a vacation before he worries about his contract and somehow think he said he wants out of Montreal.

No offense to all the ladies out there but I’m sure Jaro has a girlfriend somewhere to take care of overreacting to anything he says. He doesn’t need you too.

This isn’t about those who don’t want another season with two No. 1 goalies because they feel it will eventually be a distraction. This is about those who say Carey Price is a bust and has no future. This is about those I read today who said he wasn’t a good teammate and looked depressed on the bench during the playoffs.

To talk about a 22-year-old, with every single feature every single GM on EARTH is looking for in a prototypical superstar goaltender like he is a guaranteed failure is already ridiculous. But to also say he was anything but the consummate professional and supportive teammate a backup needs to be, makes you ridiculous and an a$$h01e.

And this isn’t about those who want to talk about PK Subban’s youth and how it eventually caught up to him in the latter stages of the third round. Or those who say he’s got a lot to learn ahead of him and maybe placing the label of league’s next Bobby Orr is a tad premature. This is about that one supreme tool I read this morning, who commented on a TSN article by saying if he was GM of the Habs, he would trade Subban because he’s a defensive liability.

Now, without discussing the obvious hilarity of this specific person’s opinion, just ask yourself this question: How many times have you heard any fan begin a sentence with “If I were GM” and it not be followed by something that makes you want to, at the very least, sneeze in their food?

Never mind the fact this donkey followed it with the dumbest statement delivered by any hockey fan in the history of time. So unbelievably dumb, so awe-strikingly dumb, so bang-my-head-off-a-concrete-wall-until-I-am-diagnosed-with-blunt-head-trauma dumb that I can’t even think of a joke to describe it.

I hate that guy the most.

This has been one of my favourite seasons as a Habs fan, right up there with ’86 and ’93, though short of those for obvious reasons. But this hasn’t just been because of the crazy run they took us on.

It’s been one of the best years ever because of the fellow Habaholics I have met through both this blog and through places like Twitter. Whether from Montreal itself, New York, California, B.C. or even the Philippines, I am so glad to have gotten to know them and to have shared in this great season with all of them.

It’s because of them I know there are great fans out there. I know the true fans have spent the day thinking about how special it is to feel a part of this team. I know there are those willing to trust that team management will make smart decisions about the future or willing to at least wait until the horrible errors are committed before they condemn the entire team, instead of simply mouthing off in the sheer anticipation of failure.

And I know there are fans out there who believe this team looks very good for the coming years and will most definitely be back to take us on another magical run toward that trophy we all LOVE and MISS so much.

But as for the rest of you, I hope you discover the NBA.


4 Responses to “Couldn’t the idiots just keep quiet for a whole day?”

  1. And to think, I was going to hire that guy!

    Wait! I don’t run the Habs? $@*(%(&$

    Wait till I tell mom about this…

    Seriously though…holy cow some people are dense. They’d probably also trade Cammalleri because they have trouble remembering if it’s 2 m’s in his name, or 2 l’s…or both.

    Too bad NHL teams can’t trade their fans away, or send them to the KHL.

  2. Oh man. This post said all the things that I think. After Monday, I stayed away from the internet, Twitter,… everything, just to protect myself from those donkeys who call themselves Habs fans. I needed the space to find my own perspective and also, I figured if I gave it a few days, I might miss the worst of it.

    At the end of the day, this team took us on an AMAZING ride and they may not have won the Stanley Cup, but I think the won a few more hearts along the way. I saw my own dear friend from Ontario turn into a huge fan over the course of this season, and that, to me, is what it’s all about. She’s new to the club but she loves the team and I hope that will continue.

    • Maybe I should have stayed away too. Lol. Good work on converting new fans! I try to expand the love as often as possible too. Pretty sure the list of people cheering for Montreal because of me is quite long now. Also good to see your friend has never let the Leaves influence her…

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