I bet I can make you smile.

So every writer and every blogger with any interest in hockey – let alone Les Canadiéns – will be pouring their thoughts and/or opinions onto cyber pages all over the continent this morning, regarding tonight’s so-called improbable game seven.

But seeing as I not only love being different than the rest but also figure any predictions I make will just result in miserable karma for my boys, I’ve decided to focus day No. 2 of All Habs, All the Time on something every Montreal fan will be smiling about in their beds this evening, no matter the final score.

Looking back at game six, what does it say when the youngest player on both teams, with less than 10 games experience, shows up to a playoff elimination game against the defending champions, in the craziest hockey arena on earth, lands the world’s best player as his assignment, plays more minutes than any other player in the building, finishes plus-2 AND helps his team force the second ridiculously amazing game seven in a two-week span?

Well here’s what it says to me:

1 – Holy crap.

2 – A 20-year-old with a bright future spending almost an entire season under the tutelage of the AHL coach of the year is more than just a really, really, really good idea.

3 – Trevor Timmons’ and Bob Gainey’s legacies will be just fine, despite the year-and-a-half of uneducated bitching from certain fans, who should switch to blue and white teams, where knowing nothing isn’t just accepted, it’s honoured.

4 – No. 76 and No. 79 will be in charge of a power play that No. 13 plays on for a REALLY long time. Just think about that for a couple of seconds. Montreal has had either the best or second best PP in the league three of the last four years, and the ONLY constant is that Russian mute, who’s just about ready to play through a torn ACL. I wonder where they’ll rank next season?

5 – Either Cindy Crosby’s two whole shots on goal after the rookie took over his coverage was a symptom of food poisoning, or a certain all-offensive defenseman might just know a thing or two about shutting down elite players.

6 – Starting in about 13 years, several French-Canadian youngsters will have to explain to high school bullies why their first name is Pernell.

7 – If your charisma and flare matches your talent level, you can become a legend in Montreal in 29 minutes and 11 seconds.

8 – If your talent matches your charisma and flare, you can earn the complete respect of a team of veterans in the exact same time frame.

9 – A kid with a two-week NHL career can single-handedly make it impossible for people to hate the franchise that has already chucked it right in their face 24 glorious times. Now they have someone EVERYONE loves. Go ahead, try saying you dislike a single thing about this kid without involuntarily smacking your own face.

10 – It won’t be too long before Drew Doughty has constant Norris competition. And, incidentally, not long before Team Canada relives Coffey and Bourque.

11 – I will actually live to see a future captain of the Montreal Canadiéns go his entire career without hearing a single word about not being fluent in French.

12 – In the past 43 years, I’m positive there has never been a time when Leafs fans have hated their lives more than they do right now, as two Toronto boys quickly become the most popular people in Montreal.

13 – Your name needs not be Savard to own a gorgeous spin-o-rama.

14 – The Montreal Canadiéns officially have the funniest dressing room in sports. In two years or less, it will just be horrendous to be a rookie in there.

15 – PK Subban is one of the best blueline prospects on earth and he is going to play for the team I’ve loved for my whole life with a type of obsession that has destroyed more than one relationship/friendship/job/ankle/television, and he’s going to play there for a very long time.

Tell me you’re not smiling.

Enjoy game seven hockey fans! Here’s to my aching guts!


16 Responses to “I bet I can make you smile.”

  1. HUGE smile on my face-gotta love what our boys have done!

    Is it wrong that my smile got even bigger thinking about the Leafs fans and how Cammy and PK were in their own BACKYARD, yet scouts were too busy scouring Latvia and Sweden to even bother making the 20 min trek down to a local rink to check out what was happening there?



    Let’s fucking DO THIS

  2. lawyergirl77 Says:

    Grinning. From ear to ear!

    The power of PK knows no bounds, peeps!!

    GO HABS GO!!!

  3. LOVE this post and yes it has made me smile!!!!
    we can do it tonight!!! i’m convinced we can!!! GO HABS GO!!!

  4. Hey Scott!

    Just stopped by to read what several of my Habs Twitter followers were pointing to today!
    Great piece. You’re right, you can’t help but admire the youngster. He really stepped up huge in Game 6. Let’s hope for more of the same tonight.
    Keep up the good work, and Go Habs Go!
    – Tyler

  5. Love your #5. Just further proof that PK could, indeed, be the total package.

    I thoroughly enjoy watching the kid play, but he’ll be a real pain in my ass if the Conference Finals come down to the Canadiens and my Flyers.

    Good luck tonight in game 7!

  6. A very nice piece about PK indeed! What a story this kid is writing, and let’s hope that it has one more great chapter tonight!

  7. Ben Meloche Says:

    What a great read and yes I am smiling and anxious to get game 7 started!
    GO HABS GO!! The Drive for 25 is Alive and Well!!

  8. Awesome write up, buddy!

    7 – If your charisma and flare matches your talent level, you can become a legend in Montreal in 29 minutes and 11 seconds.

    That’s my favorite point.

    Good job man!

  9. Subby Doo!!!!! I want to totally get either his jersey or Cammy’s! He’s defs gonna have the C on his jersey within the next 7 years. and defs have an A next year.

    • My buddy Teebs took Cammy on the back so I get Subban. I just can’t believe that kid. Might be a little before he gets that A but I agree the C is in his future. He just captures everyone and that’s beyond rare.

  10. Well Scott, the Flyers pulled it out tonight. It’s on.

    Subban is a threat in all 3 zones, and to be honest, he worries me in the upcoming series.

    Should be a fun one. Best of luck to the Habs…I’m following you on twitter, so we’ll have some back-and-forths, I’m sure. 😉

    • I was happy for you guys tonight! A couple of my boys just love those Flyers and I love orange and black!! (Medicine Hat Tigers fan)
      I look forward to the series and to your jabs. haha.
      Best of luck!!

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