Attention K-Mart shoppers, Canada wins another!

This will be my shortest post yet, even though I had quite a day today. But this trip finally caught up to me and I am really losing a battle to a head cold and fever that simply can not affect my final day at these Games.

Some friends and I scored a highway pass through a local one of them knows and so we drove up to Whistler for the afternoon. We had just finished a mini tour of the village and picked our spot for food and drink when the first of our three golds on the day came in.

Three speed skaters from three completely different areas of the country, all of whom missed the podium in their individual races, managed to find enough in the men’s team pursuit. A few minutes later, we had just gotten to our table when we looked up to see Jasey-Jay Anderson start from behind the leader and still pick up the win in parallel snowboard slalom.

Then, for the best golden moment in the Games so far in my opinion, Kevin Martin capped off the 2010 Olympics most dominating performance to date by running the men’s curling table to capture Canada’s third gold of the day. How many other countries have a middle-aged, balding gold medalist??

A week ago we wondered if all athlete funding was in jeopardy because a lack of results when it mattered and because the U.S. had come here and stolen the podium we were supposed to own. Now all of a sudden we have shattered the record for host-nation golds with one hopeful still remaining and have tied the all-time record for golds by any nation. Ever.

Apparently, we took it back.

But now, of course, the nation has turned its attention toward the Grand Puba of Winter Olympic events. Men’s hockey.

The States have already claimed the overall Olympic title and Canada has already claimed the overall gold-medal title, so this game will have no bearing on these Games in the technical sense of the word. Of course, everyone on this continent not comatose right now knows this is much bigger than five coloured rings or 23 golden medallions.

This game is about a country 10-times smaller than its noisy neighbour, trying to hold on to a game we have owned since the first piece of vulcanized rubber was formed into a frozen biscuit. This game is also about that same neighbour trying to come into our backyard and take that game away.

I don’t know who will win but I know who is better, which is why I feel pretty good about this game from a Canadian perspective. If you aren’t sure for yourself which club is better, ask yourself one question. If all of the American players were Canadian, how many of them would be stepping onto that ice tomorrow?

The answer might not be zero but it’s certainly not five or more either. If Canada plays the way they are capable, the U.S. has no chance. But if Canada plays down to the aggressive Americans, they could definitely steal another one from the Red and White.

However, regardless of how it all plays out, I can guarantee one thing. If Canada wins this hockey game, Vancouver will play host to the biggest party this country has ever seen and I will be right in the middle of it.

Which is why I have to stop now and sleep or I’ll miss the whole thing. And then you’ll be able to find me standing on the edge of Lion’s Gate Bridge, whether Canada wins or not.

Good night all!


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