Could these Games be an athletic success after all?

I have to keep it real short for my first post today because there is just too much going on out there. I did reach a blogger milestone though, as I’ve finally heard from my first hater. But, while they made it clear they dislike my opinions in almost every way, they said “for the most part,” which only tells me they keep reading my stuff regardless of their feelings. And that, as they say, is the whole point.

Anyway, I’ll try to get one in before bed tonight but here’s a quickie anyway:

Don’t look now but Canada might actually be turning it on at these Games.

I don’t know what the four-medals-in-one-day party would have looked like had our hockey team not embarrassed the Russians in quarterfinal action but I do know I’m extremely glad I didn’t have to find out.

However, if the scene that took place in downtown Vancouver last night is any indication, I almost shutter to think what a gold medal on Sunday evening could cause.

When the Olympics started, the crowds were as boisterous and crazy as you could imagine but as the first week played out with Canadian results being less-than expected, the excitement began to wear off. But the last few days have proved to be quite lucrative for the home team and the mood on the streets is reflective in every way.

Negative reports from our favourite moronic tabloid reporter in London have greatly subsided – maybe Great Britain’s grand total of one lonely medal so far has contributed – and the spotlight of shame has shifted over to the Russians – President Dmitry Medvedev cancelled his trip to Canada for the closing ceremonies within hours of their hockey defeat.

But what’s really got this place buzzing right now – aside from the failures of nations with big mouths – is the fact Canada has pulled into a tie for the lead in gold medals. Now, believe me, I’m fully aware they no longer recognize that title as the actual champion. And I know we won’t act like the rules don’t apply to us like some countries, which for example advertise the 200-metre champion as fastest man on earth because the 100-metre champion isn’t from there. But you have to be extremely impressed at our athletes’ turnaround right now and have to admit it would look pretty sweet to see us finish in first place more than anyone else.

And as tough a task as that could prove to be, one has to like our chances right now, with our curling and hockey teams all still in serious contention. But even if we don’t win more golds than anyone else, we have already tied for the most we’ve ever won before.

And I’m pretty sure that was Own the Podium’s plan all along.

Told you I had to be short. Off to the streets, take care all.


One Response to “Could these Games be an athletic success after all?”

  1. you should read this….its a post from a british writer in a russian paper talk about douchy
    what a bunch of sore losers!!

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