All I can say about that hockey game is:

Major coaching fail.

Brodeur may be the best of all time but he sucked tonight. The fact he was even in goal for the third and fourth goals is absolutely ridiculous. How a Detroit Red Wings coach gets caught showing loyalty to a New Jersey Devils goaltender is beyond me.

We lost for two reasons:

Our goalie had a bad night.

And our coach was the last person to figure it out.

Anyone who calls out the rest of the team didn’t watch.

I think it’s fair to say Bob Luongo is playing the rest of the way. Have a great night all!


14 Responses to “Simple.”

  1. I agree………but would add that Chris Pronger looked lost out there on occassion,which so far this tournament isn’t unusual.

  2. theactivestick Says:

    Who’d you rather in goal, Marty or Fleury?

  3. Randy Nast Says:

    Yep. 3 goals should have been enough to win that game.

  4. Well said. Nothing much to add.

  5. Time to ponder: What would Canada’s team be without any player post 30? That means no Pronger, no Brodeur, no Boyle, no Niedermayer, no Thornton, no Iggy who’s been the best in that age bracket? Now substitute Fleury (on the team but destined for bench duty right now), Stamkos, Giordano, Carter, Green….

  6. What’s left to ponder..the results are in amigo

  7. Bob? SInce when did you get so buddy, buddy with Roberto?

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