Photos and videos time, get your scrolling finger out…

If the atmosphere in this picture makes you smile, imagine what it felt like in there. That’s the first time I’ve ever been in B.C. Place but something tells me the Lions’ games aren’t quite the same as this.

I probably don’t need to mention this but this is Maelle Ricker, the snowboard cross gold medallist and also the reason every Canadian in attendance left with sore vocal chords.

What a beautiful sight! It was so loud in there and they only use half of B.C. Place for the victory ceremonies.

This lady in front of me kept jumping up and down and, as you can see, my timing was just a hair off.

What needs to be said about a picture of that beautiful flag, with Ricker on the big screen in the background?

Like I said in last night’s post, I didn’t pay much attention to this part of the ceremony but that’s Paul Brandt and I now can claim I’ve heard some of his songs. Hooray for me. Everyone else had a great time because apparently he’s “Soooooo awesome!! What do you mean you’ve never heard him??” I’m just thankful I didn’t score free tickets to tonight’s victory ceremony instead. Theory of Deadman plays.

This is Brennan LaBrie. He is the Time Magazine Kid Reporter for the next week. He loves to read and write and runs his own community newspaper in his hometown of Port Townsend, Wash. He’s been here one day and has already been on the Today Show and has an NBC affiliate in Seattle promoting his every move. He knows Apolo Ohno and was going to be interviewing Shaun White right away. He’s 10.

I have a blog, where I post pictures of grown people dressed as statues.

Here is a grown person dressed as a statue. What’s really stupid is even if this girl sucked at it, how would any of you know?

This guy wasn’t doing anything special but whenever anyone tried to give him money he would stop and say, “No thanks. I have a job. I’m just here to play for everyone.” I just thought was hilarious.

I’m not trying to say Saskatchewan has been known to have an inferiority complex but that’s the Quebec house on the left. But for the record, the Alberta house can fit in the palm of your hand. “What is this? A provincial pavilion for ants?!”

That’s a projector image of Alex Bilodeau covering the side of a building. I’m not sure if you all know but Dale Begg-Smith went on Australian TV the day after the men’s moguls and cried judge error and said Bilodeau got lucky. Are we positive Begg-Smith was born here? I’m going to need a birth certificate.

OK, so this is a model of what the 2014 Olympics will look like in Russia. Those are all of the venues for every single sport except for alpine events. At first it seems like a really efficient idea but I’ve walked around Vancouver lately, where venues are spread out, and it is crazy busy. How ridiculous are the crowds going to be here??

This is the entrance to the press lounge in the Russian pavilion but it totally looks like a merchandise store. So two Russian delegates have to stand there the entire time and redirect would-be shoppers because the public can’t go in there. However, I found out today my pass is legit for these places and I can walk right in. A girl inside told me Alex Ovechkin and Wayne Gretzky had hung out there the night before. I think I’ll probably go back.

In the meantime, my time there today wasn’t completely lost…

Yes that’s Stephen Colbert and yes, he’s playing table hockey against a Russian bobsledder. And yes, I was five feet away while his camera crew filmed clips for his show. And no, they didn’t realize I don’t belong and throw me out on my ear.

If you can see this picture (because it isn’t showing up in my draft)  it looks like a suicide attempt from Colbert but is really just a stretching exercise before the big match up.

The stare down shows a confident Colbert but as the video will show, he’s eventually reduced to a lesser man…

Have a great day everyone! And by the way, don’t worry about Team Canada just yet. Adversity brings great teams together in short tournaments.


5 Responses to “Photos and videos time, get your scrolling finger out…”

  1. I think the provincial pavilion should be at least … three times bigger.

  2. Hangin with Colbert!! Now that is a notch in the belt!

  3. Paul Brandt is totally awesome. If you listened to decent music you’d know that! The boy’s “Alberta Bound.” And he’s the spokesman for Ford trucks. Come on!
    By the way, since the night Paul performed was officially Alberta Day, how come we didn’t get a little redneck pride report?
    And now that you know Wayne Greztky is around, why aren’t you stalking him?

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