Congratulations New Orleans! And Gainey out in Montreal.

I was wrong! And I couldn’t be happier.

What a football game last night! First onside kick outside the fourth quarter in SB history, most combined pass completions in SB history, first ever SB title for the Big Easy and Peyton Manning tosses up a pick-six to ice the win for the Saints.

I can’t imagine being more excited after a game I was incorrect about.

It was the kind of game, at least to me, where it felt like if New Orleans didn’t get that ring now, who knows when they’d get back. Now I believe the confidence is in them to be back very soon.

In other news…

The Montreal Canadiens are holding a press conference at 4 p.m. ET to announce a development with their management team. Speculation coming in from everyone in the media is that GM Bob Gainey is expected to step down.

While I’m almost certain this is exactly what is going to transpire, I’ll reserve my farewells for after the official announcement. However, I will take this opportunity to offer my own speculation into why this move is about to go down.

Gainey has hung his entire Montreal tenure on the future of Carey Price as the Habs’ No. 1 goaltender. From day one he has publicly stated it and has also proved it through transactions by shipping out Cristobal Huet a couple of years back and handing the starting job to Price.

While I don’t think anyone argues Price’s skill set, a conflict has risen for the starting job with Jaroslav Halak and many – if not most – are siding with the young Slovak. Many, except for Gainey.

Here’s what has happened, in my best speculative guess:

The Habs are receiving offers for both goalies, and as I said in a blog the other day, Gainey is in a real pickle over what to do. But I now believe Gainey has been wanting to trade Halak for sometime now but the rest of the front office brass want to ship out Price.

Rumours say only a handful of teams would be interested in Halak but that all 29 other teams would make bids for Price, as he has every prototypical characteristic a GM wants in their starter. My guess is a trade offer has come in for Price that Gainey refuses to accept and the rest of the management team wants to go ahead with it.

A standoff has resulted and Gainey has decided not to compromise his beliefs on the situation, thus resulting in his resignation. This is all a guess of course but it makes sense and if my estimation holds water, I believe Price will be gone in a matter of days. Is it the right move for the organization? Only time will tell, of course, but I expect this kid ends up the superstar we all have believed he will become and will go on to a great career.

Halak is no slouch, that’s for sure, but most agree he doesn’t possess the same upside as Price, regardless of how much better he seems to be today. If Price goes and Halak stays, many will call it a great move but every last one of them will wonder if they’re going to regret it in the long run. Any way you look at it, Price has won at every level and proven to be the best at every level. Giving up on that when he’s only 22 is a major risk, no matter how much fans believe he has fallen from grace.

*New development*

Well since I’ve started to write this, TSN has officially announced Gainey’s resignation and the debate over who will replace him has begun. At the top of the rumour mill right now is none other than TSN analyst Pierre McGuire. As shocking and outside the box as that seems at first, I personally would be pretty excited to see him take over that roll. He’s the kind of guy fans either love or hate because he’s a fiery ball of passion and always has something to say.

Seeing as that also describes my personality, it’s no stretch for me to say I love that guy. Do I always agree with what he says? No, but I never agree with anyone 100 per cent of the time and he is on TV talking hockey almost 24/7 so we’re bound to differ on occasion. But if there is one thing Gainey is that McGuire is not, it’s passive. Gainey seems to sit on the sidelines and wait for the perfect deal, while other teams make all the moves. I’m positive McGuire will be the exact opposite. I believe he would never hesitate to try and improve the club.

Even if it means shipping out the kid we all thought was their future.


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