The best sports day of the year!!

The biggest Sunday of the year – sorry Easter – has finally arrived!

Whether it be for pigskin passion, possible partial nudity in the halftime show or the 30-litre vat of laxative on the stove most of us call chilli, Super Bowl Sunday provides something to look forward to for everyone.

I could also mention the lineup of best – and most expensive – commercials of the year but unless you’ve pirated some American satellite, you’re watching two wrinkly old dudes in a black and white TD Bank spot 27 times throughout the game, just like me.

Nevertheless, most of us have this day set aside for one reason or another and there is so much more to the day than simply the game. That being said, my day is 100 per cent about the game.

Actually, it’s about three games.

As we speak I’m enjoying the Raptors game, which as I say it I realize sounds strange. But this team is really fun to watch finally and they are full of talent, which since December has even been evident in most games.

As this game finishes up, the Habs will start the second half of their annual Super Bowl weekend tradition, which is to play matinees on both Saturday and Sunday. After a win yesterday, where the Canadiens completely outplayed Sydney and the Cup champs, the situation looks good for them today as they take on Boston, who have now lost something like 73 in a row.

A home game against a team they should beat? This can’t be good…

But once the hockey game is over, my focus will be completely on football. If you’re not excited for this game, you’re not a sports fan.

The two clear best teams throughout the regular season, with the year’s two best quarterbacks, meet in one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in a long time. This will be great, no matter who prevails.

However, most everyone in North America has made an actual prediction on the outcome and it’s time I made my pick as well.

Without surprising anyone whose read a word of this blog lately, I’m taking the Colts. But I’ll be hoarse by the end of this game from expressing my desire to be wrong.

Since everyone else is giving a score, I’ll say 34-27, but picking scores are always a complete shot in the dark.

But I choose Indianapolis because I just believe Peyton Manning – as much as he bores the crap out me between plays – is in a dimension far superior to the rest of the league. The Colts are crazy good every season and they have been this way for the better part of a decade.

There has been no shortage of great players to come through that organization but only one has been there every year. This year is the best example, of course, as he as taken two nobody-receivers (Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie) and not only won 16 games with them so far but has turned them both into superstars along the way.

As good as the Saints have been on both sides of the ball all season, I just can’t bring myself to bet against Manning. However, speaking as a fan of sentiment, how can anyone outside Indiana not cheer for New Orleans?

Forget Katrina, which is absolutely a great reason to want to see the Saints go marching down Bourbon Street with Vince Lombardi’s legacy in hand. Had the hurricane never reached the south shores of Louisiana, one would still be inclined to root for the people of New Orleans.

This team has lost so much they make the pre-’07 Saskatchewan Roughriders look like the New York Yankees. (I realize I just jumped sports altogether but when the best NFL team has only six titles, it doesn’t make as much impact)

It took the Saints 21 seasons just to finish above .500 and, after establishing in 1966, they didn’t win a playoff game until the new millennium. Needless to say, this is their first Super Bowl appearance.

The people of New Orleans have certainly waited long enough and they have endured so much as a community, it would just be a special sight to see them celebrate.

Besides, I heard folks down there know how to throw a party.


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