A little of everything…

Kovalchuk is a New Jersey Devil. I don’t care what anyone says, they are for sure the favourite to win the East now. How do you combat a team with two 100-point threats, which still stinks of Cup sweat? Add one 100-point prospect to a club with the most prolific puck-stopper the frozen pond has ever seen.

But just for the record, if fair is truly meant to be fair, when Brodeur finally retires the Devils have to go the next two decades with net-minders related to Greg Millen.

It’s only right.

Incidentally, Atlanta gets back a pretty good puck-moving defensemen (Oduya), a who-the-hell-knows-what-he’ll-be first rounder (Bergfors) and a mediocre, couldn’t-control-his-flapping-elbows-and-is-now-suspended-for-the-rest-of-the-year-because-of-it moron (Cormier).

Great work Don Waddell, thanks for keeping us in suspense.

Did everyone see that save Minnesota’s Josh Harding made last night versus the Oilers? Save of the year candidate for sure. That’s the kind of play that makes us couch potatoes really respect the flexibility of elite athletes.

By the way, he completely wrecked his hip on the play and needed two guys to carry him off after. Big save Josh! You’re probably done for the year.

Every day I read somewhere about how lucky Habs GM Bob Gainey is to have two goaltenders that could be No. 1s. Really? Lucky?

Let’s see, if he trades Carey Price, the fans are happy right now but they give up on a budding superstar, who’s only 22 and who probably wins 300 career games in his sleep with a new team. If he trades Halak the fans possibly lynch him because he just dealt a guy who is 7-0 when facing more than 40 shots and is possibly the only reason they aren’t worse than Toronto. If he does nothing, he’s the dummy that sat on two insanely tradable assets, while the season past them by and is more than likely finished in Montreal as GM for being too complacent.

If I had that kind of luck, I’d pad my room and never leave the house.

Switching gears…

I’ll make my official Super Bowl pick tomorrow but to give you a sneak preview into how I might be feeling about this one:

The New Orleans’ defense says they plan to incorporate some crazy tactics in order to confuse Peyton Manning. I don’t want to say a lot of football players are too dumb to pull this off but Manning is to the rest of the NFL what Einstein is to Alabama.

The only way the Saints confuse him is if they slip him Rohypnol before the game. I suggest a new strategy, boys.


Anyone not happy for Jesse Lumsden to see him all of a sudden competing in the Olympics with Pierre Lueders, after watching his football career go down to injury, either hasn’t heard about it or is an even bigger d!c# than me…

But seriously, is there bigger proof out there that after four seconds, everyone in a bobsled but the driver is getting a free medal?

Talk to you soon.


4 Responses to “A little of everything…”

  1. You hit Gainey’s situation right on the head. His safest route is to not trade either, at least not right now. It’s not like either goalie is unrestricted, so they have very little bargaining power. And though I’m not sure what that is, I believe the Canadiens will be compensated if they decide to sign elsewhere, no?

  2. How is Don Waddell still employed? I honestly think he screwed up the whole Kovalchuk deal. And does everyone remember the Marian Hossa deal? He did the exact same thing, ran into contract issues and dumps the star player to a contender for basically nothing (Colby Armstrong, Eric Christensen and Angelo Esposito plus a pick). Can you say “inability” in pulling off a decent deal for a fledgling franchise?

    • Agreed. I sat in suspense waiting to see what all this waiting would bring back in the trade and then that happens. Fifty bucks says Cormier centres a line with Esposito. In the ECHL that is.

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