For 2010, I’ve decided to surrender everything I stand for…

I need to start today by simply saying I would do just about anything to see the Olympics pushed back until March 12 at this point. Are you ever so unorganized and behind you actually can’t do anything at all but just stare at your task list and laugh?

Although, somewhere in this blizzard of stuff I’m attempting to get done – sort of – I did find the time to cave on the greatest social-networking standoff in recorded history.

I don’t know when Facebook started – and I don’t care near enough for the two-second Google search – but I have to be one of the last people under the age of 40 to set up an account. And even if I’m not, it’s not the length of my holdout that made it so infamous but the nature of which I approached the entire concept.

I’m actually attempting a certain amount of professionalism on this blog site, so I can’t say verbatim what types of comments I’ve made. But for years you couldn’t mention that site in my presence and not be berated with everything I had.

It didn’t matter if you were the sweetest, most-innocent young lady from my college class or if you were a 6-foot-4, 265 pound buddy of mine with no conscience about punching people right in the head. I hated Facebook and you were going to hear about it.

The whole ordeal grew to the point where everyone knew, should I ever give up and sign up an account, there was going to be some retribution. Big time.

And the thing is, I absolutely have a legit reason for getting an account, as I’ve got my own freelance business and social networking is a huge part of journalism now. But do you think a single one of my friends, who are all equally as ignorant  and intolerant when they want to be as I am, will take my methods for participation into question when deciding my Facebook fate? Of course not, and nor should they.

In fact, I’d be ashamed of them if they let me off the hook because I would be relentless with them if the tables were turned. One has already started a group dedicated to making my life miserable and all I can say in return is, “I so had that coming.”

However, on that note I would like to welcome all of my new cyber pals to Shmitzy Says, a place where I rant about that which matters most to me: Sports. Those of you who read my column in college will know ranting, for me, means saying what many others wish they could say but won’t because they have morals and actually belong around other people.

I do not.

This site is 100 per cent certified Scott Schmidt, minus the usual cursing of course.

So please come back anytime to read my posts, which I try to get up daily. And remember to follow my blog daily from Feb. 12-28, while I roam the Lower Mainland for the Olympics.

Bye for now.

I'd still be falling...

PS – I’m usually a lot less boring. Well, I try to be anyway.

PPS – I swear I’ll talk Super Bowl before it happens…


3 Responses to “For 2010, I’ve decided to surrender everything I stand for…”

  1. Welcome to the dark side, buddy!

  2. All good stuff! And I thought I was the last one on Earth to join FB. At least you have a legitimate reason. My kids goaded me into making an account, then stopped posting when they figured THAT part out.

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