Leafs collapse on cue

So I told all of you to check for highlights of the 7-2 Canucks win after seeing the Leafs up 2-0 very early.

Not long after my post hit the public, the Buds made it 3-zip and the standard “I’m about to look so dumb in front of so many” feelings kicked in once again. I started to realize why I hate predictions in sports, even if some are simply the result of a lifelong addiction to poking fun at the NHL-equivalent of a nerdy, fat kid.

Of course, about half an hour later, when the second period started, I was hit with this overwhelming sense of reality. Hello? It’s Toronto.

Final score: 5-3 Canucks.

Thanks to a four-goal third period, including three on 11 shots off Vesa Tissue-la (I mean Toskala), the Leafs moved one step closer to solidifying that ever-important lottery pick, which of course they already gave to Boston.

Thankfully, Phil Kessel – the former No. 1 they got in return from the Bruins – actually found the net a little bit tonight so I’ll refrain from mentioning his absolutely terrible attitude, team play or ability to lead anything, anywhere.

At least for now.

On the other side, the Canucks are hotter than the Olympic flame right now – yes I know that’s super weak but it’s all I had for a tie-in right now – having won seven-straight. The club couldn’t have picked a better time to get on a roll because by the time they see GM Place again, half of those fair-weather fans might have a new team picked out.

Just kiddin’ ‘Nuck-leheads! But tonight’s game was the first of a record-breaking 14-game road trip so they can make room for the Olympics and there is no tougher test of a team’s makeup than an extended road trip. Especially one for the most-travelled club in the league.

A losing streak can begin on the road, which is hard to end until a team returns home. Of course, Vancouver gets the Habs in game No. 2 so that string of defeats is likely at least a game away.

And good for Andrew Raycroft, who had to live with the unbelievably embarrassing label of Leafs’ castaway and not only picked up the win but enjoyed a mini victory lap around his own zone during a timeout, receiving cheers from attending Canucks fans.

I’m obviously not the only one who gets pleasure out of rubbing the Toronto Faithfull’s nose in it.

Off to watch the last game of the day!!

Flames lead 2-1 I see. When a team with eight-straight losses takes on the cellar-dweller, making a call on the winner is kind of like choosing sides in a midget-wrestling match.

It doesn’t really matter who wins because you know you’ll be laughing at both when it’s over.


One Response to “Leafs collapse on cue”

  1. Thanks for restoring the deserved name of the franchise. However, even I am beginning to question my faith. The embarrassment continues…Not even Phaneuf can save them now.

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