Hockey Day in Canada a real bust…ed leg…so far.

Sorry for my recent disappearance everyone but I’m going to Vancouver for three weeks in less than two weeks and there are just too many other tasks to deal with before I leave.

But here is a little tidbit to satisfy anyone who actually misses this blog:

Hockey Day in Canada is off to a horrible start no matter who you were cheering for in the day’s first game.

Congratulations to the Sens for winning their franchise-record ninth-straight, by knocking off a sputtering Habs team in overtime. But points weren’t on anyone’s mind when the game ended.

The Habs may not have been able to snap the Sens win streak but they did manage to snap Nick Foligno’s leg, which will likely keep the winger out for two months. But, while Ottawa will no doubt have major adjustments in store to make up for the giant eight-goal hole his absence will leave, somehow I think they’ll find a way to struggle on.

As for Montreal, the avalanche of what I like to call “whatever it takes to make Scott look stupid on the Internet” is gaining serious speed as it continues to head downhill. For some jackass reason I decided to not only say they should try to win now, but to also write it down and post it on the www.

Almost immediately, the team’s response since I opened my mouth – something people have tried to curb for 32 years – has been to lose five of seven (four to teams too embarrassing to mention), get into arguments in the dressing room and now to lose their top scorer Mike Cammalleri with a knee injury.

The MRI is pending and perma-optimists like Brian Gionta keep saying things like we hope it’s not serious, but hands up all Habs fans that honestly believe this will be good news Monday morning.

Les Habitants of the 21st century don’t seem to get simple injuries. This team is far more attracted to things like broken necks (Brian Savage), shattered larynxes (Trent McLeary), 11-severed-tendons in the wrist (Donald Audette) and cancer (Captain Courage).

Somehow, I won’t be holding my breath for bruised knee and day-to-day on this one.

The second game of HDIC is underway with Toronto off to a quick 2-0 lead over Vancouver, less than four minutes in. Aww, good for them.

By the way, don’t forget to watch your favourite sports news show later to see highlights on the Canucks 7-2 win.

Told you today was a tidbit!

Bye for now.


One Response to “Hockey Day in Canada a real bust…ed leg…so far.”

  1. Not gonna lie, I’m really worried about my precious C. Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. And I’m cheering for the Leafs today… Especially after seeing them kill that powerplay and, oh wait, another goal at the tail-end of the first.

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