Huskies WILL appeal; Lucky loonie causing misfortune

An update on Cormier, again:

While Patrice Cormier has said he wouldn’t personally appeal his season-long suspension, the organization has a different plan. The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies of the QMJHL say the punishment is excessive, as it could equal 48 games if the Huskies were to go the distance.

Really? You mean to tell me the team forced to suffer the suspension right along with this dumbass is upset because it hurts their chances? What a shocking realization.

This is just more proof that all sports franchises have an agenda, which includes anything good for them and does not include anything good for the game, unless it is also fits into that first part.

I wonder if I would learn from my mistakes if I had a multi-million dollar business there to defend them for me?

Absolutely anything can turn sour:

Just when I start to think I couldn’t possibly be shocked by how petty and self-centred the world can be, I come across nonsense like this:

Remember Trent Evans? Yeah, neither did I at first but let me jog your memory.

He was the Edmonton icemaker, who slipped the now-famous loonie under centre ice at the ’02 Salt Lake Olympics. At the time it was just a really cool story about how someone had brought our country added good luck toward gold medals, in the only event we really care about. (Sorry to my readers who love figure skating but true sports don’t recognize men in lace, anything entitled camel spin and/or something which can also be performed while wearing a Minnie Mouse costume)

After Evans retrieved the “lucky loonie” from the ice, he handed it over to Wayne Gretzky, who proudly showed it to the world (well CBC’s world) before having it permanently displayed in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Great story, hey? I remember everyone talking about it for a solid day, which is actually a really long time to be in the news, unless you’re a bazillionaire nympho with a short game. Then you break records.

Anyway, this great story, which seemed as pure an example of something nice as there is, has found a way to go bad.

Get this:

Evans is extremely upset with the Royal Canadian Mint for “being denied compensation for coming up with the idea and having his appearances at lucky loonie events essentially phased out and his connection to the coin glossed over,” as stated in the Canadian Press article Jan. 24.

I’ll wait while you read that again.

The article goes on to say Evans has no interest in making a million dollars but that he simply wants his kids to one day hear the story of the lucky loonie and know he was the guy.

Between ’02 and ’04, he says the Mint had a great campaign, where he was involved with the first silver edition lucky loonie and was credited with coming up with the idea.

But the Mint doesn’t see him as their “lucky loonie” spokesperson anymore and has since made statements to separate themselves from Evans and his involvement. Evans has spoken with lawyers but has determined it would be too expensive to fight, seeing as the Mint holds a trademark on the term “lucky loonie” and can do whatever it wants with it.

This story blows my mind.

First off, does anyone actually buy his claim to only wanting his kids to know whose idea this was and NOT because he wants the recognition – cough… money – for it? If that IS the reason, then write it down somewhere, ya nimrod. Don’t go to the press and whine about feeling left out. The only person responsible for your kids’ knowledge of this is you.

You’re not being forgotten because the Mint is snubbing you. You’re being forgotten because what you did was forgettable.

That’s not to say it wasn’t a nice story at the time but eight years later it’s a tidbit. A side note, at best. When my friends and I discuss the “Tournament” we talk of Sakic’s heroics or speeches from the Great One. I can’t recall anyone interrupting our conversations to say, “Remember that loonie under the ice? What a historic moment in hockey that was!”

Having said all that, I also would like to know why the Royal Canadian Mint is acting like the cool kids at high school. As self-preserving as I believe Evans is acting about this, he might actually have a point.

Why is the Mint snubbing him out? He DID come up with the idea and they HAVE sort of stolen away the credit for it. At first they use him as poster boy and ship him all over to promote the “lucky loonie” and now they act like he never existed in the first place.

All because they want to use the phrase “lucky loonie” for their own promotions, such as the issue of the official Olympic Lucky Loonie, of which only 10-bloody-MILLION are to be made. At least they’re not overdoing the concept.

I guess what I’m trying to voice through all of this babble is, this is a classic confrontation between two parties, where both are acting like jackasses about something that doesn’t matter in any way, to anyone. At all.

One needs to learn his place and the other needs a lesson in how to act in theirs. Unfortunately, it seems those are both characteristics that are more rare than a lucky coin.

Tomorrow: Back to things that really do matter to everyone, like the NHL…



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