Why the Flames ALWAYS slump; after a quick reaction to Cormier decision…

The ruling from the QMJHL has finally come down and Patrice Cormier has been suspended for the remainder of this season and playoffs.

He was given the standard five-day period to appeal the decision but a statement from Cormier’s camp says he plans to forgo that opportunity and serve his punishment.

At 19 years old, Cormier still has a future in hockey to think about – though I’ve said it before, he’s no lock for the NHL – and taking his lumps like a man is the ONLY way to salvage any decent future reputation. Dirtiness is a tag that can follow a player for life and when you’re on the bubble to be a big leaguer in the first place, you don’t need the refs watching your every move.

So whether he was actually smart enough to figure this out on his own or – FAR more likely – someone in his corner told him to be quiet and take what’s coming to him, I would still like to commend him on doing the right thing.

After all, the first step toward not becoming Sean Avery is admitting you might have a problem.

On to other things…

The Calgary Flames have lost another, bringing the current streak of shame to six games. If you went back and read things I’ve said about this team over the last couple of seasons, it would show my obvious distaste for the makeup of this hockey club.

I don’t understand how you can expect to win when you enter every season with one superstar and 12 examples of mediocrity playing forward. All of Darryl Sutter’s moves seem to bolster the blue line, which is not at all where this team is weak.

How does finding another big-name defenseman (Bouwmeester) rank above finding someone to play with Jarome Iginla? In fact, they actually had that compliment to Jarome in Mike Cammalleri but let his 39 goals go to Montreal so they could afford to make the Bouwmeester deal.

Now, when Iginla is in a goal-scoring slump (11 games) the offense become less-than nonexistent and that stacked defense and goaltending are rendered completely useless anyway.

It makes zero sense to me. Iginla is a sniper and he’s one of the best players on the planet. But he doesn’t score many goals off of rushes and he doesn’t create plays for himself the way guys like Ovechkin and Kovalchuk do. He has an amazing, accurate shot and has great vision for where the open space is. But if he doesn’t have linemates worthy of his level, then his production suffers and he slumps.

He slumps for long periods every single year, much like many snipers, but it’s because he always has to play at the hockey intelligence level of his teammates, which is far inferior to his own.

How many goals could this guy score with a true playmaking centreman? The Flames centremen have compiled a combined, grand-total of 66 assists so far this season. To give you an idea how awful that statistic really is, the lowly Edmonton Oilers’ centremen have 83.

One great right-winger is not enough. And I promise you the Flames will be a mediocre, have-to-Cinderella-their-way-to-anywhere team until they figure this out.

Back later tonight after hockey…


2 Responses to “Why the Flames ALWAYS slump; after a quick reaction to Cormier decision…”

  1. Flames have actually lost 7 in a row, but who’s counting besides everyone in Canada.


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