A crazy day in Habsville…

I’m honestly not trying to mention the Habs this often but when a team makes the news off the ice as much in one day as they did yesterday, a few thoughts come up.

First of all, I am extremely relieved to hear the great Jean Beliveau is reportedly in stable condition after suffering a stroke on Wednesday night. Aside from being one of the greatest players and captains in hockey history, he is maybe even more known for his unwavering class.

Nicknamed Gentleman Jean, the 78-year-old legend won 10 Stanley Cups and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1972. He set the highest of precedents for how a professional should act, on and off the ice.

To this day he rarely misses a Canadiens game, sitting three rows behind the players bench. I wish him the speediest of recoveries and hope to see him back in his seat as soon as possible.

For a quick bout of the Goosebumps, tune in Saturday night when the Habs take on the Rangers at the Bell Centre. At some point in the first few minutes of the game the arena announcer will probably mention Beliveau and then you can just watch the Habs’ faithful take the building down.

Even Leaves’ fans have to admit nobody cheers for their beloved like passionate Montrealers. They may boo the league’s best power play off the ice if they go two man advantages without a goal but they sure know how to honour greatness and the five-minute eruption that will ensue Saturday evening will prove it.

So long, Georges…

During Wednesday night’s game on TSN between the Habs and the St. Louis Blues, analyst Pierre McGuire was livid as to why Georges Laraque was not dressed to play against the league’s leader in team fighting.

At the time, my answer was, “Because he wouldn’t fight anyone anyway, unless maybe they continuously told him tofu sucks.” As it turns out, Bob Gainey’s answer was, “Because we would rather pay you your full salary to go anywhere but here, than let you pull that historical sweater over your slow, talentless shoulders one more time.”

Paraphrased of course.

Initially I didn’t know what to think. Most everyone knows now that Laraque’s family is from Haiti and this has been a very hard period of time for him. At first that was all I thought about; how could they do this now? But after a few minutes of thinking about that I realized the move was a long time coming.

Gainey even said in a press conference afterward they had a day picked out last week but external circumstances prevented them from going through. Good of them to hold off but you have to ask yourself: How badly do the Habs not want Laraque around if they deem a whole week to be enough grieving period for his home country?

He was really angry at first and called the organization “classless” but has since calmed down and put things into perspective. Laraque says he’ll be back in the NHL someday soon but will take this time now to focus on raising money for Haiti relief.

The Habs will go back to getting pushed around by other teams, while all their offensive-minded personnel are busy playing a defensive “system” that makes me wish I could be watching something less boring and drawn out, like one of my niece’s dance recitals.

Speaking of pushing around…

Mike Cammalleri was ready to take his frustrations out on teammate Max Lapierre at practice yesterday, with a camera catching the Squid attempting to get at the young fourth-liner. My only question at the time was why was Travis Moen trying to stop Cammalleri from knocking Laps flat?

After following up his breakout ‘08/’09 season with a whopping eight points and -12 rating thus far, I’m pretty sure getting absolutely waxed by someone 5’9” and 182 lbs could only be seen as a positive.

This is actually the second time the Squid has gone after a teammate at practice this season, with Josh Gorges falling victim earlier in the year. I guarantee there will be some geniuses out there, who will start to question Cammalleri as a teammate and wonder if he’s a problem in the dressing room.

I personally would like to allow him free access to pick any 10 underachieving members of this hockey team, players or coaches, line them up and punch them each square in the face.

Or maybe they can try going bowling, hey Carbo?


To all those fans and critics who blame every single goal and every single loss on goaltending, please stop taking up precious Internet space. Honestly, when you know THAT little about hockey but feel you just have to speak up, I’d rather you just yell, “Touchdown!” after every goal and then tighten the strap on your helmet.


17 Responses to “A crazy day in Habsville…”

  1. That’s a pretty accurate summation of things. What a day yesterday was. And yes, thank goodness that Béliveau is recovering. The guy is incredible and I hope he’s back soon. Even soon cannot be soon enough.

    Laraque was caught in a perfect storm, and he’s as much to blame for this embarrassment as anyone. If he had been more aggressive, as he is being very generously paid to do, maybe he would be in New Jersey right now preparing for tonight’s game. Jacques Martin clearly does not need guys like Laraque, so he never played him. On the odd occasion that he did play him, he didn’t do anything with the ice time. He looks done as a player to me. His back will never fully heal, and unless he changes his “code of conduct”, teams will just stay away from him because they essentially have a mini-powerplay every time he’s on the ice.

    I think a lot of people in Montreal are looking for Lapierre to step up. And if this doesn’t do anything to spark him, we have to ask ourselves if he’s worth keeping around much longer. Cammalleri is challenging guys to be better, and it seems that getting physical is the last resort for some guys. Too many passengers this year, which is what Gainey was supposed to take care of last summer. Gainey has to answer why he has brought in a bunch of players who are so out of sync with the coach he hired to coach them. What a mess right now. The drama never seems to stop.

    • Isn’t being a Habs fan great?!! I don’t want Gainey exhiled the way some do but his history of moves resembles this season’s team. These guys win a few, then get clobbered in a few. Just like Bob.
      For example: Pouliot? Great move.
      Hal Gill? Scary bad.

  2. Team Cammy all the way! I vote Price as enforcer too! LOL

  3. ummm ya…its always the goalie’s fault

  4. mike cancerleri not the problem? http://www.flamesmakehugemistake.com?

  5. Kellie Smith Says:

    What do you think your niece is going to say when she finds out that you’re slamming her dance on the world wide web?

  6. Bill Barilko Says:

    Much like a soldier is told–respect the rank not the name–respect the institution!!! If I hear the “Leaves” one more time, I will have no choice but to reciprocate, with the “Inhabitant Separatists”.

  7. Your Niece!! Says:

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!! ugh be happy you’re no where close to me at the moment !

    • Bahahaha!! Did I not mention you were the one shining moment every time? And that your grace and elegance is only surpassed by your beauty? Because that was totally supposed to be in there… I love you Brooklyn!!

  8. good cover 😛
    but still they arent all that bad geeze!

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