Shaq calls for superstar dunk contest to help Haiti and more…

Hey, check me out throwing down a post in the a.m. again. I’m not trying to reset the precedent just yet but I’m in less of a hole than recent days so I’m taking advantage.

First on the list to talk about is the NBA. No wait! Come back! Hear me out!

After the Cleveland Cavaliers finished fending off a much-less-terrible-than-normal Raptors squad, Shaq took an interesting idea to the public. He suggested having a big-money, all-superstar dunk contest at this year’s all-star festivities, with half the proceeds going to Haiti relief.

“I’m saying it now,” O’Neal said in the post-game interview. “So tweet it. Facebook it. Email it and hopefully it gets out. Vince, we’re calling you out. Kobe, we’re calling you out. We’re calling everybody out. If those guys step up in the dunk contest, then I will allow my client to step up.”

First of all, anything that gets more aid to Haiti is a good thing but how crazy would a dunk contest be between Carter, Bryant and James? I don’t know who all is supposed to be in it as of right now but they need to get the rock out of the way. Because 24 hours ago I would have taken a Dale Carnegie training session over watching that event and now I’m giddy with excitement just imagining the possibilities.

On to other topics…

Mike Peca officially called it quits on a wasn’t-long-enough NHL career yesterday. I know this is where you’re expecting me to say something rude about his tendency to get hurt but I can’t do that with this one.

Some guys are built like iron, while others are put together with a more, let’s say, paper-mache quality but it’s simply genetics and they can’t really take the credit either way. It’s the heart that makes an athlete and Peca definitely had heart.

Most will remember him from Canada’s ’02 Olympic team and many from his two Stanley Cup finals appearances but when I think of Peca, I’m reminded of one moment in particular.

It was in a World Championship a year or two before Salt Lake – yeah that tournament we all skip each spring to watch real hockey. But clearly no one told Peca not to care because I remember him getting absolutely leveled, shoulder to face, in the open ice in one game.

The hit busted his jaw and eventually knocked him out of the tournament, just not before he happened to shake off the check, take the puck, bust in and score a goal.

Now that’s a hockey player.

Hockey players get such tough injuries too.

Broken noses and orbital bones, torn MCLs, separated shoulders; these are ailments a hockey player can relate to. What are some of the other sports coming out with all the time? Real manlike injuries such as turf toe and tendonitis. Don’t get me wrong, I’m positive tendonitis hurts like hell but talking about it isn’t going to make you sound tough in a drunk tank, now is it?

Also on my mind…

I’m officially cheering for the Minnesota Vikings!!! OK, that’s probably a lie but after hearing Brett Favre’s angel-like voice sing Pants on the Ground, the new hit song from American Idol and my soon-to-be ringtone, I almost fell in love.

Now at least if they beat New Orleans, I’ll be serenaded by beauty while I’m realizing how much I suck at picking games.

It continues…

The Toronto Blue Jays signed outfielder Jeremy Reed and RHP Steven Register yesterday to minor league contracts and an invitation to camp. Who’s excited for baseball??!!!!!!

More important news…

Tennis is in the middle of one of its majors, the Australian Open. The following is all of yesterday’s happenings that anyone will care about:


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