More Cormier reaction, with some random thoughts

This business of having to pay bills is really messing with my blog desires.

I wanted so badly to post some thoughts on the world of sports, namely hockey, namely the NHL, namely two teams from Alberta, who made me feel less ashamed to be a Habs fan last night. Unfortunately I’ve been swamped for days with assignments and simply have to get caught up and onto planning my lengthy excursion to Vancouver or I’ll be staying in Casa del Sentra.

But I will say this about those games last night: If 6-0 (Avs over Oil) is considered a spanking, is there even a word to describe 9-1 (Sharks over Flames) that doesn’t moonlight as a term for sexual assault?

Just wondering.

There really was something in the air as they say, though, because half of the evening’s 10 games were blowouts of four or more goals. Somewhere in that is a joke about goalies, somebody’s sister and being scored on more times than, but I’m not thinking of it right now. It’s been a long day.


The debate continues over Patrice Cormier’s pending suspension. Although, I believe the talk is more on what he WILL get and not what he SHOULD get, which most seem to agree is a QMJHL pink slip.

Severity of injury to the victim, whether this writer agrees or not, seems to always factor into the punishment. To demonstrate, here’s a video of Erie Otters Mike Liambus hitting Kitchener Rangers rookie Ben Fanelli last season.

Fanelli suffered severe head and facial trauma and is still recovering at home, having yet to play since. Liambus was suspended for the rest of the season, which really meant the rest of his career but is now playing in the International Hockey League for the Nobody-Cares-So-Don’t-Worry-About-Its.

My point is Liambus was a no-name player in the Ontario Hockey league and Fanelli was extremely hurt. Both made throwing the culprit out of the league a lot easier for OHL commissioner David Branch. I promise you that decision is way harder this time.

I know the two incidents happened in different leagues but they both exist under the Canadian Hockey League and must at least want to hold similar standards. But if they don’t strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger on this one, you can bet it will be because Cormier is a second-round draft pick of New Jersey, former captain of Team Canada and the victim is going to be fine. Not because it’s a different league.

In fact – with all due respect to Fanelli – Liambus’ hit was far-less dirty than Cormier’s. If you watch it, you can see Fanelli turn into the boards at the last nanosecond. Liambus was clearly about to lambaste a defenceman square-up and it went bad. He even stopped skating, like you’re supposed to, and hit him in glide.

Cormier hopped off the bench, skated right toward Mikael Tam and threw out an elbow with absolute intent. Simple as that, in my mind.

So, while I’ll wait until the decision actually comes down before I cast a raging blog of judgment, I’m nervous that Cormier won’t receive the right punishment. A decision like this affects so many, we’ll just have to be patient for now.

On a total side note:

I normally keep my blogs sports related but I have to mention something I heard today. First I would like to extend my continued best wishes to the people of Haiti. I saw today that Canadians have raised $40 million and the government is going to match it. There are just so many reasons to be proud of our country these days.

Unfortunately, not everyone has figured it out quite yet. Yesterday, my folks were out shopping at a store I won’t name in a city I’ll leave out, but shop here if you need 10 litres of lemon juice for $6, and Go Riders!

Anyway my parents were discussing the Haiti relief because of a sign posted and the girl at the till overheard and piped up with the following: “Yeah, they only want our money because our Lieutenant Governor is from Haiti.”

Now, having met my mother, I can tell you she would pipe up to the pope if he used improper grammar, so you can bet your behind she has no second thoughts over taking on a cashier in a public place. I wasn’t there but I’m guessing the sight of my pop rushing my mom to the car before she choked this girl is one fellow shoppers are still talking about.

But, aside from the obvious, doesn’t this situation prove the theory that stupidity is starting to take over? And if you’re just figuring out as I’m writing this that our Governor General Michaelle Jean is Haitian and Lieutenant General is a military or provincial rank, then I rest my case.

Don’t feel bad if you’re one of these people, I’m not trying to say you’re stupid. I’m simply saying peoples’ general knowledge of anything not social-networking-device related is declining by the day and WAY too many people spew off at the mouth without a clue on what they are talking about.

Um, er, wait… no… crap.


9 Responses to “More Cormier reaction, with some random thoughts”

  1. randall swanson Says:

    not sport related or vikings related but your mom should have choked out this girl people are pretty ignorant when it comes to daily affairs, national affairs, and even world affairs i think more people need a slap up side the head

  2. lol @ you gangster mom

    side note: the nut really doesn’t fall far from the tree

  3. I hope the two words I added to this post pleases the nit-picky university professors, who miss the overall point in the first place.

  4. Krista Wallace Says:

    I’ve met your mother, too, Schmitzy, and I would love to have heard the story of what happened if your dad wasn’t there to politely tear her away! I’d have been on her team, leaning toward the mouthy side myself. Some people need to be told off.

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