Cormier the Barbarian, followed by NFL playoffs

Alright I know I’m way behind the instant world of the Internet to be discussing Sunday’s events in sports on Monday afternoon but I started yesterday in Medicine Hat watching the Cowboys get obliterated, before heading to Lethbridge for the Olympic torch relay. I watched the beginning and the end of the Habs game, or should I say Rangers game, seeing as they were the only ones to make it to the rink — 6-2 final.

Somehow in all of that I even caught some plays of the Jets game, as they upset the Chargers. Although “upset the Chargers” sure has an oxymoronic tone to it when discussing a playoff game. The Heimlich maneuver can’t help this franchise anymore; they simply have to start chewing their food.

I participated in a steak around 9:30 p.m. and still had to write for the Lethbridge Sun Times afterward. I awoke this morning with a ton of work on my plate and am just now sitting down to post. Clearly.

Before I give my thoughts on Sunday’s NFL scene, I have to weigh in on the Patrice Cormier hit in the QMJHL last night, even though there is really only one way to look at this incident.

It is important to note the young man, Quebec Remparts defenceman Mikael Tam, is in stable condition and a brain scan has revealed nothing out of the ordinary. He is expected to be released as early as tomorrow morning.

The debate now shifts to whether the severity of the injury should weigh in on the punishment. If it does, and Tam makes a full and swift recovery, do you let Cormier play again this season if you’re QMJHL commissioner Gilles Courteau? Personally, I can’t understand why someone would receive less penalty because the victim was fortunate enough to have a thick skull.

It took Cormier all of a month and a half to build his reputation for being dirty but his actions can’t be ignored. Those exhibition games in the World Juniors were telltale and last night was no surprise. Maybe he feels he has to be that way to make up for his skill level, which seems about right for the ECHL to me anyway.

He gets a point a game in the Q. Anyone who knows that league knows the players to pay attention to rack up well over 100 points a season. Why do you think so many great goalies emerge from Quebec? It’s a shooting gallery every game.

And Cormier barely sees the score sheet once a night? Don’t start picking this guy in your fantasy keeper leagues. But Shmitzy, he was captain of Team Canada in the World Juniors.

Yeah? Well so was Kyle Chipchura.

This is a great opportunity to make an example out of a well-known player in order to show the zero-tolerance necessary to get rid of this crap. I say toss the kid and let New Jersey decide what to do with him once he turns 20.

Enough about that. A little NFL reaction:

Gotta love those Jets! Actually, I know a few people who will strongly disagree with that but it needed to be said. I also know one Chargers fan in particular who is just way-too-fun to see miserable. And even though I haven’t seen him since the defeat myself, I know he’s hurting and that makes me giggle.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for green and white football teams or something but I couldn’t help but feel happy for those guys after winning on the road. Plus another week of press conferences with head coach Rex Ryan can only be a good thing. That guy is hilarious.

Of course, the fun might be short lived for the Jets anyway. Congratulations! You get Peyton Manning now. Best of luck.

On the other side, the only thing left in the way of the New Orleans Saints and a possible Super Bowl matchup of the NFL’s best is the Minnesota Vikings. I’m picking the Saints but only because I’ve been saying they are going to the dance for a while (who hasn’t?).

I’m not touching a bet with anyone however, because anything I do involving the Vikings this season gets me in trouble. I had first overall in my fantasy draft and clearly took Adrian Peterson, which stabbed a friend square in the heart, as he bleeds purple. Then, entirely to bother him further, I took their defense and then their kicker. And then I took their starting tight end and sat him on the bench for the entire year.

It was sweet. He offered me every player on his roster to get AP back and I just chuckled. All he had was Brett Favre, who was going to throw 200 interceptions whether he played well or not.

What did I get for this? Favre hardly throws a pick and has an insane season, AP has his worst season and, when it finally wrapped up, I had finished second behind guess who? As for them on the actual playing field? I had just began to write them off due to some brutal losses and they win their next two games 78-10.

Of course they did.


3 Responses to “Cormier the Barbarian, followed by NFL playoffs”

  1. Chris Johnson turned out to be my AP bud! As for Brent…I couldnt have asked for a better reason to continue bleeding my own blood….(ya its purple). I say bring on the Saints and lets see if we cant rope us another shot at the big game….hopefully 5 is our lucky #!
    Good luck with the Purple People Eaters next fantasy season Smitzy, I am taking AP and a 3rd straight title to the bank.

    • I want nothing more than to say something witty to defer the attention of my horrible fantasy defeat. I sleep knowing I made the right picks for what information I had. That being said, I now have more second-place fantasy finishes than the Vikes AND Bills combined. Oh my god I’m Greg Norman. FML

  2. Your still ok in my books…ps thanks for bringing up the 0-4 Superbowl Vikings! I almost forgot about it….not!



    I’M OUT

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